what it is now ( for lack of a better name)

So I wrote this in 2011 during the Presidential Election. This was after I had attempted to exercise my right to vote. Plus it was the first time I was even eligible to vote. I went with my mom and I have to say it was a loooong, exhausting and enlightening day.
It was the only post on my old blog so I decided to put it on here. Have no idea why I named it ‘what it is now’, but it made sense to me then so I’ll just keep it as it is. So here it goes;

Seems peaceful but far from it
Why do we deceive ourselves?
We all know what is going on, yet we sit quietly and just stare.
We continue to wait, and wait we will ‘Cause nothing will change with this attitude.
We claim to be ONE but we are far from it.
We are just individuals, bound by a name,
Individuals who are driven by religion, driven by ethnicity, driven by the need for power.
We live in such a dark place,
A place where light is abnormal and darkness isn’t
We claim we want change, but do we really?
We are caught up with the idea of change not change itself.
‘Cause change does not come by saying we want it.
It does not come by claiming we want it, it comes by taking action and doing something. And if that ‘something’ fails to be done, we will sit and stare, into the DARKNESS until there is no sliver of LIGHT, of HOPE!

sign out

3 thoughts

  1. Just like yesterday, I remember waking up at wee hours to go stand in line to be registered, standing in line to cast my vote, watched as my cousin missed a step and went into the gutter in a bid to cast his vote also. 2011 election was termed to be a free and fair election. But was it free because people turned up en masse for the exercise? Or was it free because nobody from the major ethnic group but a minority won? Goodluck! O, Goodluck! The name rang development, preached unity and gave hope that Nigeria’s on a path to greatness. How feeble my own hope is right now, how appalled I feel when I know am still a Nigerian trying to find solitude in a land I claim to be my own.
    Religion and gosh! Ethnicity, two driving forces that should have made our nation stand great amongst many is always the demeaning weakness in us.
    Am tired of pondering on the issue of Nigeria. We know what’s best for ourselves, we don’t need to be literate to figure out the right path to Cannaan land, we don’t need to cloak ourselves in religious empathy, because it’s a huge blasphemy.
    Sometime I wonder if the spirit of the French revolution could come alive in us? But war isn’t the solution without a plan. I hope this charade of a conference holds sway to our centennary problems. Till then, God save Nigeria.

  2. Reblogged this on Columns and commented:
    Thoughts for 2015 election. Ask yourself, since your conscience is your god and judge, yes, Nigeria… my bad, leaders in the government have failed, but are you willing to fail too?

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