So Arsenal won the FA Cup

ARSENAL LOGOI have been an Arsenal fan for quite a bit now. By quite a bit I mean since the last time we won a title or should i say way before the last time we won a title. So I do not have to tell you how annoying its been having to listen to people tell me how long its been since we won a title.

Well last week I attended a wedding. It was super fun by the way. just in case you are wondering. So after the wedding the match was on and although I should have slept and woke up to pack because I was traveling the next day, I stupidly stayed to watch the match with sleepy eyes. It was a great decision cos WE WON!!!!!!!!! Just in case you didn’t know how long its been since we won anything really, check the number of exclamations.

I found myself in my buba, jumping in the sitting room with my brother and I shouting out of excitement. But after that, I wasn’t quite sure how to celebrate. I had forgotten how to. It’s been a week now and that was all the celebration I did. Apart from making phone calls to spread the news to willing and unwilling listeners and changing my status to gloat a little bit that is.

Arsenal please don’t let me forget again o. Please, how about not coming fourth in the premiership next year. I’m beginning to think fourth place is a title o. Or maybe getting further than the quarters in UCL. Is that too much to ask?

So here’s to being hopeful πŸ™‚ and remembering how to celebrate πŸ˜€

sign out

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