Uncertain about Uncertainty

uncertain logoI have always been uncertain about life.I mean, isn’t it that way for everyone. No one really knows tomorrow, not even the next minute or second if you really think of it. Yeah, you know what you imagine it would be ’cause you’ve made plans and all, but you never know for sure how it will turn out.

Nothing however, prepares you for when you are uncertain about the uncertainty. The feeling of not knowing where you or your loved ones  will be or how you will feel the next year or even the next month.

Moments of worry and doubt. These moments cause a thousand thoughts to pass through your mind in seconds, cause you to wake up short of breath with your heart pounding so much you can almost hear it.

What these moments also cause, is for you to believe, hope, trust and have faith. They cause you to appreciate the present no matter what. To make the most of every second you have, to savour every moment you share with the people you love, to not let silly things get to you, to look at the funny side of everything, to speak knowing fully well that every single second is a gift.

It makes you grateful, thankful. So I thank the Lord for this very moment that you are reading this and I hope that you are grateful too.

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2 thoughts

  1. Very true….dis should be a wake up call for alot of us. You know,gratitude helps us enjoy life and the gifts that comes with it much more than wen we dwell on the tins we lack and bla bla. Thus a beautiful piece dis is👊

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